The Beer Museum is a dream that is so big, it must be dreamt simultaneously by three different people in order to contain it all: Matt Benavidez, Virginia Benavidez, and Cameron Paxton. They have a dream that one day Austin will rise up and live out the true meaning of its beer.

What started as an overgrown collection of bottles and a true passion for craft beer has now evolved into a mission to diffuse beer knowledge and actual beer to all who thirst for it. That’s why the aforementioned trio has spent their time researching, collecting, and imbibing, so that they can boil down the history of beer to its true essence and share it with you.

The Beer Museum will begin as a mobile museum, traveling to breweries, brewpubs, tasting rooms, and festivals in order to showcase their ancient beer artifacts and teach patrons a thing or two about brews. The purpose of the mobile setup is two-fold:

  1. Overcarbonate your brain with beer know-how
  2. Raise funds for a permanent museum establishment in the future

Once inside an actual building, The Beer Museum will be the most educational watering hole this side of the anywhere. The hope is to brew ancient and forgotten brews from days of yore, so that while you tour the museum, you can sample beers as they would have tasted during certain pivotal points of beer history.

When at a permanent residence, the majority of The Beer Museum will explore world beer history, but the bar (yes, the museum’s bar) will focus specifically on the beer history of Austin, offering some of the finest suds of the south.

So whet your whistle for something exciting and completely new, because if you don’t, we’ll whet it for you…and that’s kind of gross.

See you soon, Austin!

The Beer Museum

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